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Desires Tram

Residential compound of new type

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The Housing Complex is under construction
at 13B Krivosheina St. Voronezh


Hello! I’m a traveler and... shhhh... a Master of Magic! I collect the architectural beauty on my way. With my Time Tram I travelled to many lovely corners of the world, and come to an idea to create my own unique house.

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When I was dreaming of my own house I was inspired by the romantics of the past, architectural traditions of the old European South and a remarkable atmosphere of the old tram depot which used to be over the construction place. The tram is like a guide from the past into the future, a symbol of a unity between retro style and modern comfort.

The time has come to create a house you will never want to leave! The house which takes up all experience ever gathered, which unites the coziness, comfort, adventure spirit and creativity. The house where a fairytale is born and all desires come true. And you know what? I did it! And now I want to share it with you.

"Get ready
for your own magic!"

An interesting thing about the location: earlier there was a tram depot. The compound is located in a very calm and nice neighbourhood with a great infrastructure.

Original architectural solutions

We designed a unique housing complex to build it on the site which treasures the charm of old Soviet trams. The time spirit and associations with the tram subject is reflected in the building facade made of red brick with white finishing. The facades are decorated with the wooden espaliers with climbing grape. The mix of styles and architectural forms creates a special unique charm.

Desires Tram
is an economy class
modern accommodation

You have a choice of 25 alternate layouts including studios, apartments with mezzanine floor, bay windows and French balconies. There is an exclusive layout with terraces on the first floor. We thought everything out so that you could choose an apartment which suits your character and meets your demand of interesting and unique place of residence of a high quality.

1160 apartments
stages of construction
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The living legend birth.

Last Saturday on the 1st of October several dozens of our city residents came to the city park to participate in an unprecedented auction from “Desires Tram” residential compound. It is a great thing to be a part of such event, as it is not only new compound construction but a birth of a new city legend!

New apartment instead the old one!

New action is started from February, 6! Exchange your old accommodation for the new one. For this you need to find and reserve new apartment in company group Krays, sell your old house through partner real-estate agency, сonclude a contract for a new apartment and get you new better place to live!